Mataru ki Bijalee ka Mandola Review | Confusion between mass & class

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Mataru Ki Bijalee Ka Mandola Review

 Confusion between mass & class

In a year lots of films release but you wait for some movies. There may be lots of
reason beside waiting for specific movies. Like… Film could be associated with
controversy, known artists are associated with film, the film got capacity to be footmark
movie, music of film is too well in advance, film publicity could be great, director is
known to give some extra ordinary stuff. There may be other reasons too but for me it
was attraction because Vishal Bhardwaj was associated with this movie. Lyricist, Writer,
Music Director, Singer or Director… Vishal is really unique in itself. The multi talented
personality. I thought this movie would be for class only but here I found that director is
confuse between mass and class…

Till date audience is to see Vishal’s U.P. style back ground but this time he
changed scenario. This movie is from Hariyana with Hariyanavi language. You might
have to watch with concentration else you can lose some nice punches. The story is too
simple. It is about poor farmers, politicians, young educated male, love story between
royal and poor. You might feel that it is too common story but the way it has been
narrated you would have to say Ahh! and Wahh! The way screenplay is written is
different than ordinary. The story is not presented in serious way but it gives smile on
your face even in serious situation. There are other characters in movie along with Pink
Buffalo. You will sure feel that without Pink Buffalo movie is incomplete. The location is
from Kathiyawar village ‘Wankaner’. Everything is as per story demand but you will sure
see empty frames but I feel art direction has not worked properly on set designing.
Vishal got one unique thing that is color theme of movie. In this movie he has continued

The first choice for lead was Ajay Devgan but as viacom was paying high to Ajay
he refused to work, second choice was Shahid but Shahid was even not able to spend
dates. Final selected artist was Imarkhan as Matru. Imaran got enough experience now
but director sure makes difference and that you can feel after watching this movie. I
observed Anushka since log but I feel after watching in this movie that Anushka will
sure make her stand in industry. Shabana Azami playing role of politician Chaudhari
Devi. No words for her acting. Arya Babbar son of Raj Babbar is playing character of
Badal, who is pet of her mom mean Shabana’s son. He has performed good too and
Pankaj Kapoor encyclopedia of acting. Oh! he is really great artist. His eyes, his
speech, his walk, his hand or leg everything can act. In a movie he is playing two
characters in a character. He is different before drinking and after drinking. You should
see the movie at least for Pankaj Kapoor.

There might be different review of deferent people however I would say that this
movie is better than ‘Maqbool’ and ‘Omkara’. The music is really too good. Gulzar is
writing for Vishal since years here also songs are written by Gulzar. He has utilized the
word ‘Khamkha’. Vishal sung this song. Listen once and I am sure you will love it.

Every charector is giving justice however something is lack. Like film starts with
Pankaj Kapoor, he is asking for a bottle of country wine on dry day. The wine shop-
Theka is in between road. Why Theka is in farm and in between road? Only Vishal
knows it. It is really worth watching but Vishal made some blunders. For start I would
like to give four star to this movie. I would suggest worth watching once….

Review by – Mr. Samir Jagot

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