Nautanki Saala Movie Review, Story, Cast

nautanki saala movie review

Nautanki Sala, cinema with a difference

Review by Samir Jagot, English Adaptation : Jigisha Dave

“A chip off the old block”, the saying is true for most of the cases, especially when it comes to looks. But at times it fails when it comes to talent (we do have exceptions though!). Rohan Sippy, son of Mr. Ramesh Sippy, the power house of talent who gave the milestone of the industry “Sholey”, did his directorial debut in 2003 with “Kuchh na kaho”. In 2005 with strong screenplay and direction he gave “Bluffmaster” and proved the said saying right in terms of talent. But then he broke the promise in 2011 with “Dum Maro Dum” and put me in a dilemma whether I should go for “Nautanki Saala”, but I decide to go for it as there was no other release this week.

 “Nautanki Saala” is an official remake of French film ‘Apres Vous’. The film begins with the counseling of the hero Ram Parmar (Ayushman Khurana) and it goes into flashback. The leading guy Ram Parmar is playing Ravan’s role in a drama company’s play Ravanlila and he is also directing the play.  Once he was on his way he finds a young guy trying to hang himself from tree. The kind hearted and ever helping Ram Parmar AKA R P A saves the doomed guy Mandar Lele (Kunal Roy Kapoor) and brings him home, where his live-in girlfriend Chitra is already staying. Ram Parmar takes up the challenge to motivate Mandar Lele, he also goes to the extent of casting him in lead character of Ram in the play against the will of the producer. He tries to patch up things between Mandar and his lost love Nandini (Pooja Salvi), the reason of his broken heart. In the process Ram falls for Nandini and then begins a new Nautanki. The story then revolves around what happens to Ram and Mandar’s friendship? What happens to Chitra? Does Ram end up with Nandini ? What happens to the play Ravanlila ?

 The whole confusion is weaved in a light manner along with the plot of Ramayan, which may not go that well with some viewers. The film looses its pace at some points; the reason could be the difficulty in adaptation of French film. Ayushman has come out of the image of Vicky Donor with flying colours, he sure is amongst few promising actors we have today. The multi talented Ayushman as also sung four songs and has found its place among the eight composers in the film. Kunal Roy Kapur has lived up to the performance expectations from Mandar’s character. The character of drama producer Chandra (Sanjiv Bhatt) in film is also full of fun. The cameo if Abhishek Bachchan is not doing justice in the film, it felt he was just there for the sake of being lead in Rohan’s last three movies.

 Some sequences are marvelous in the movie, while some lacks logic. Overall Rohan has been successful in holding the otherwise weak story with his good direction. The film is low budget compared to his earlier movies. The cast is not huge either, even the locations are limited. The play Ravanlila in the film has come out with extravagance and looks stunning in the film. Cinematography is eye catchy along with a bonus of long kissing scene between Ayushman and Puja. As I mentioned earlier the film has eight composers, hence there is a huge number of 13 songs (the reason could be T – Series being producers). The good thing is the songs are nicely gelled in the film, so they sound quite soothing.

 The humour is treated very seriously by the director and forgetting the flaws one must appreciate Rohan Sippy’s try to give something different from routine. I shall give 3 stars to this 130 minute long fun trip.

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